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Gift Guide: Always in the Kitchen


We all know that one person who is always in the kitchen. Spoiler...That’s not me, but I love my friends who do love to cook. Here’s what I’m gifting my food-cooking, kitchen-loving friends. 


Silicone Stretch Lids


Silicone Lids

Say goodbye to cling wrap, and hello to these silicone lids. My love-to-cook friends love these because they don’t have to transfer food to containers with lids anymore. Just slap these on any bowl, pan, cup, or plate. They’re great for storing cut fruit - think half a watermelon or cantaloupe. These are stretchy, easily washable, and they come in two colors with happy faces on them.  


Kitchen Loofahs



If you love to cook you know you’re washing dishes constantly, and let’s be real, no one enjoys that. These naturally grown loofahs are dyed with vegetable dyes to give them their fun colors. This means the colors run a little, but they don’t stain any of your dishes. These loofahs don’t smell like other sponges from the store and they last a long time. When they are finished, just toss them in the compost and let them turn back into dirt. 


Dish Soap


Dish Soap

Getting a good dish soap that truly cuts through grease and grime is also important. Let me tell you why… awesome soap = less time standing at the sink. This solid dish soap from Bestowed Essentials works just as well as the other soaps I’ve tried. This block lasts a very long time, comes package free, and is made by an earth conscious company. 


Silicone Ice Trays


Ice Tray

Google Ice Tray Dessert Recipes… you can thank me later 😂.

These ice trays are made from silicone and are perfect for recipes as well as ice! They’re made of silicone so they won’t break. Tired of the freezer burned taste in your ice? Me too. These trays have lids that match and keep the flavor of whatever is in the ice tray. Plus, there’s a metal ring around the outside to make the trip from the sink to the freezer easier.


Swedish Dishcloths


Swedish Dishcloth

These cloths have cleaned up every mess I’ve put them through. Busted beer in the freezer, cleaned. Soap scum and other buildup around the sink, cleaned. Burned on food from the stove, cleaned. These are much stronger than paper towels and can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine. These last a really long time (up to 200 washes), are made of all natural ingredients so they can be composted at the end of their life. Pick one of our many designs to spruce up your kitchen. 


Vegan Lotion Bars in a Metal Tin

Lotion Bar

Washing dishes is hard on your hands. I would know. As someone who doesn’t cook, I wash a lot of dishes. 😂 These lotion bars are nourishing, toxic free, and vegan! 

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