Vegan Wax Wraps
Vegan Wax Wraps
Vegan Wax Wraps
Vegan Wax Wraps
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Vegan Wax Wraps

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Organic cotton vegan wax kitchen wrap 2 pack or 3 pack. Zero waste food storage. Pick your fabrics. Reusable, washable, compostable. Starter kit.

Reusable, washable, organic, compostable vegan kitchen wrap

Feel good about storing your food

Ditch plastics for all natural alternatives!

1 LARGE - 14 X 19 inches
1 MEDIUM -12 X 12 inches
1 SMALL - 6 X 7 inches


2 MEDIUM - 12 X 12 inches

Made from: 100% organic cotton fabric coated in candelilla wax, pine gum rosin (sap), organic coconut oil, and organic jojoba oil.

To Wash:
-Handwash in cold water with gentle soap, do not soak, hang dry.

Organic cotton is a more eco-friendly fabric than conventional cotton - uses much less water, protects farm workers from toxins, and protects soils, waterways, and wildlife! And no toxic off-gassing in your home!

Cover and wrap up:
-fresh produce.

Fits over a sliced cantaloupe, most bowls, sandwiches, fresh herbs, half a watermelon, carrot sticks, and more!

With use, your wrap will get wrinkles - that’s OKAY! It still works with wrinkles. If they bother you, pop it in the oven on a sheet pan at 200F for a few minutes. This WILL leave a wax residue on your pan though. You might want to use a piece of tinfoil to protect your pan.

These wraps last about a year with proper care.

Keep it out of the direct sun!

***Eliminate plastic wrap from your kitchen.***

Made with compostable/biodegradable materials.

Handmade with zero waste in Santa Cruz, CA.